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As a Republican, I believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility, limited and transparent government, free market capitalism, and a strong military to promote peace.

I support the Second Amendment and I’m an advocate for sensible gun regulations. Law-abiding citizens who pass a background check should be able to purchase guns, including hand guns, and should be able to carry them on their person.

I believe in securing our borders in the most effective way possible. I’m for good, strong border protection that’s effective and targeted. That includes a crackdown on extended visas, getting rid of the lottery system, and tightening controls on our physical border.

I don’t believe California should be a sanctuary state. Immigration is a federal issue. State and local governments should not be involved in immigration policy. I support the lawsuit brought on by President Trump’s administration against the state of California for its so-called Sanctuary Law – the California Values Act of 2017. The county has a vote coming up April 17 on whether to support the federal lawsuit against the California Values Act, and I hope they do support the lawsuit. I believe federal immigration officials need to be able to enforce our immigration laws without any obstacles placed in their way by state or local governments.

I believe in tax reform. The recent tax law is a great start, especially on the corporate side. Trillions of dollars are coming back to the US to fund new investment, improve the economy, and reward shareholders and employees. But more has to be done on the personal side. I believe real reform would be to remove all tax deductions and go back to a simple tax form with just a few brackets.

I support a consumption tax like the Fair Tax proposal. That way, we can reduce the influence of special interests lobbying for special tax breaks.

We need to stop the Gas Tax Hike in California. The Gas Tax Hike bill was passed in the legislature last year without the vote of the people, and we need to repeal the Gas Tax Hike this November.

I believe in lessening the tax burden on our businesses and on our citizens. We have to shrink the federal government as part of our overall tax reform.

I urge you to send someone to Congress with solid business experience, instead of a professional politician. With your support, I believe we can change Washington, and get back to our roots as a nation with good old American values – “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

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