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Michael Allman will listen to San Diegans. His platform of Direct Democracy ensures he will be voting with the people; on an issue by issue basis. Watch our new video and share it with your friends!

Michael Allman on Kennedy

Michael Allman joined Kennedy on Fox Business to discuss his campaign, his online voting system, and taking back the 52nd District.

Michael Allman for Congress Is Now Accepting Bitcoin

Michael Allman, a Congressional candidate for California’s 52nd District, is now accepting bitcoin donations. You can donate to Allman using bitcoin here. Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency based on an innovative peer-to-peer network called a blockchain. Allman’s Digital Democracy platform empowers constituents to vote on issues via an online voting system secured through blockchain technology. He pledges to vote with the people issue-by-issue. “Accepting bitcoin is a no brainer. It’s…

Michael Allman Speaks At March 1st San Diego Bitcoin MeetUp

Michael Allman spoke to the Bitcoin San Diego MeetUp group about his revolutionary voting software that uses blockchain technology. After speaking, he took part in a question and answer period that produced a variety of insightful questions and comments.

IVN: Republican Congressional Candidate Stumps For “Direct Democracy?”

by Jeff Powers in Campaigns Feb 16, 2018 Michael Allman would not be the first politician to attempt a successful campaign based on the idea of “Direct Democracy,” but he is the latest. And perhaps most surprising, he is a Republican running on that message. Also interesting is the fact that California is a top two state meaning the top two finishers in the primary will go on to the general election, regardless of…

Michael Allman on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto

Michael Allman joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss the government shutdown, markets, and more.