Direct Democracy

I am running for Congress because the political infighting and posturing in Washington is not serving our country. To create meaningful improvement in our government we need to change the way Congress acts, and that begins with changing who we send to Congress.

Excessive partisanship is the problem. We live in a two-party system, where many politicians behave as if political power and job retention are their goals. They vote along party lines rather than on the merits of the issues, even if their own constituents disagree with their vote. They forget who they really work for – the voters of their district.

I’m going to work for the voters. I am the first candidate for national office running on a platform of Direct Democracy. Direct Democracy is simple. I pledge to vote on issues the way you, the voters of the 52nd Congressional District, tell me to vote, on an issue-by-issue basis. It doesn’t matter what the political parties say, or the special interests, or the lobbyists, media, or anyone else.

I will determine your preference on specific issues with an on-line voting system. The website will list important issues of the day, ranging from tax reform, jobs, health care, the military, gun control, the environment, individual civil rights, and much more. It will provide information for every question, including expert points of view, links to relevant data or opinion pieces, and other information. When you are ready to vote, you simply click on your choice, and your vote will be registered. All votes are confidential and protected by highly-secure data encryption techniques. No one will know how you voted, but everyone will know the vote count for every question. You can change your vote at any time, or delete a previous vote so it becomes unanswered. You, and only you, control your vote.

Only registered voters in the California 52nd Congressional District can vote on the questions. The sign-up process is simple. When you sign up on the website, the system will verify that you are registered to vote by checking the voter rolls kept by the San Diego County Registrar’s office. The system will automatically assign you a secret electronic token that allows you to vote on the questions and ensures that your vote is confidential. If you are not registered to vote with the County of San Diego, I encourage you to register so that you can vote on these issues. I want to hear about what is important to you.

In my version of Direct Democracy, the role of a member of Congress changes. Rather than the Congressperson telling you how they intend to vote on the issues, instead I will provide information to help you decide, and I will listen to what you have to say and be bound by your decision. I still have my own personal views, of course, but they are secondary to the views of my voters. As your Congressman, my role becomes one of an advocate. My personal views and my explanation for why I support a specific position will be accessible via a button that says “Mike’s View.” You are free to vote with me or vote in a different way. If a majority of voters are against my view, I’m voting with the people.

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