Power back to
the people.

My vote will not be decided by special interests or lobbyists.  It will be decided by you, the voter.  When I am elected to Congress, I am going to vote on issues the way my constituents tell me to vote, on an issue-by-issue basis.  It is time we move on from partisan politics and let the voters have their voice.

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Meet Michael

Michael Allman, a long-time San Diego County resident, is an experienced businessman with a distinguished career spanning technology, energy, and international businesses.

Mike worked for the San Diego company Sempra Energy for fourteen years and rose to become the Chief Executive Officer of The Southern California Gas Company. While at Sempra Energy Mike launched a new industry to bring large-scale solar power to California, building one of the largest renewable energy businesses in the country. Today Mike and his wife Lee Ann live in North San Diego County, where he focuses his efforts to improve accountability in Washington DC.

Direct Democracy

Direct democracy is where people vote on the issues, and however they vote, that is how I will vote in Congress. Instead of me telling the voters how I am going to vote, they are going to tell me how to vote. It is giving political power back to the people, which is where it belongs.

For the first time, voters can have a say on an issue-by-issue basis. Anyone registered in my district can cast their votes on important questions of the day through a website or mobile app I have created. I will be guided by the results of these votes, not by special interests, lobbyists, or anyone else.

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Michael Allman will listen to San Diegans. His platform of Direct Democracy ensures he will be voting with the people; on an issue by issue basis. Watch our new video and share it with your friends!

Michael Allman on Kennedy

Michael Allman joined Kennedy on Fox Business to discuss his campaign, his online voting system, and taking back the 52nd District.